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Grapes for Grades

Promoae is proud to support the Hollywood Florida Scholarship Foundation. The President of the Foundation is Pat Chukerman who is a part of the Promoae family. Please remember that “grapes for Grades” is Friday, September 21st at the Hollywood Beach Marriott. Tickets are available at the Hollywood Chamber or from any Scholarship Board member.

Calendar Time

As we move through the year, and our planners, we discover the reorder page for 2013.

Yes – believe it or not, it is that time of the year to order new calendars, planners and desk date accessories.

PromoAE can help you start the year right. Visit us at, or call us at 954-929-4949 to start the year off right.

Shop Promotional Products Pompano Beach

There is more to promotional products Pompano Beach (33063) than mugs and key chains. Beyond these simple promo items are thousands of products that can be custom imprinted with a company name and logo. PromoAE specialize in promotional products as a promotional marketing and consulting firm. They distribute over 600,000 promo items throughout Florida and across the nation. PromoAE is conveniently located right off I-95. They have a large showroom that displays awards, apparel, corporate gifts, and a variety of promotional products for various marketing purposes. These items can also be viewed online under the promotional product section.

Browse Promotional Products Pompano Beach

Local south Florida business in search of promotional products Pompano Beach (33072) will find that PromoAE has a large variety of promotional products that range in size and price, providing promotional goods for almost any budget. On top of a large promo item, selection PromoAE has an extensive knowledge of promotional marketing and how to get the most success when marketing with logo imprinted items. PromoAE carries robes, linens, slippers, beach towels, and other travel and resort items. They distribute custom imprinted drink ware, bar ware, trays, napkins, and coaster perfect for restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos. They also carry school spirit items, office and desk products, household goods, and more.

Marketing Services and Promotional Products Pompano Beach

PromoAE cater to the needs of all business types and sizes. From a small attorney’s office to a large corporate chain, PromoAE can design, create, and ship promotional products Pompano Beach (33093) when needed. They provide bulk order discounts that help businesses and organizations to save percentages off with larger orders. To inquire about item availability or to receive a quote on promotional products or other marketing services (SEO, Website, Social Media, etc.); please call (800) 932-9540.

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Shop Hundreds of Thousands of Promotional Products Boca Raton with Ease

PromoAE of Hollywood, Florida is a promotional marketing and consulting firm located right off of I-95. They have been serving their clients with custom promotional products and marketing services since 2000. They wanted to make it easier for their clients to find the promo items they require with ease. They redesigned their website to provide fast, easy searches that pull up items by keyword or category search. PromoAE has one of the largest selections of promotional products Boca Raton (33427). Pull up any item from custom can coolers to logo imprinted tote bags with ease.

Spread Brand Awareness with Promotional Products Boca Raton

Promotional products enable a business to connect with prospects and persuade customers to try their brand. They provide a useful, functional item that provides exceptional brand recall and visibility. Promotional products Boca Raton (33431) are available for purchase with bulk order discounts. The larger the quantity purchase the greater the savings and lower the price per item cost. This makes an already low cost marketing tool an even more economical choice.

Custom Marketing Programs and Products

PromoAE takes their clients considerations in mind with every marketing service and product offered. There is no one size fits all offer when working with PromoAE. Their marketing experts speak with a client in personal consultation and provide marketing solutions and promotional products Boca Raton (33499) that meet the individual’s unique needs and demands. To speak with a professional marketing consultant, please call (800) 932-9540.

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Find the Right Product at the Right Price when Shopping Promotional Products Plantation

Promotional products contribute to a positive ROI. Research has shown how promotional products provide instant brand recall while providing a better cost per impression than other media forms. Businesses and organizations in search if a cost effective marketing solution can look no further than PromoAE of Hollywood, Florida. Located right off I-95, PromoAE not only serves clients in Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade County, but clients nationwide. They have a vast network of promo product suppliers that enable them to aid clients in finding the right promotional product in Plantation (33311) at the right price.

Affordable Promo Products Plantation

Plantation businesses and organizations can rely on PromoAE for a large selection of custom logo imprinted items that range in product and price. PromoAE works with promo product suppliers throughout the US and around the world. This enables them to carry a vast selection of products and a varying selection of prices that suit most any advertising budget. They also offer bulk order discounts, which enable clients to save an increasing percentage off with larger orders. Prices listed on site are estimates. For a promotional product Plantation (333880) or availability, please call (800) 932-9540.

Promotional Products Plantation for Every Industry Need

PromoAE serves clients from all industry types from educational institutions to professional service providers. They carry promotional products Plantation (33325) for fundraisers, mailings and gifts, employee and customer retention programs. No matter the marketing need, PromoAE can fill it with professional promo products and marketing services. They are marketing experts that can ensure that businesses connect with their clients and inform them of their services/products in a positive way. Browse the promotional products and marketing services available from PromoAE then contact a PromoAE marketing consultant to create a plan of action that will increase sales, build brand awareness, or reach related marketing goals.

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Search Promotional Products Miami Gardens

When marketing your business you want to ensure that the services and products you use to do so are backed by the expertise of an industry expert. Miami Gardens businesses can rely on the experience, knowledge, and resources of Hollywood, Florida promotional marketing and consulting firm PromoAE. Their marketing experts have the promotional products Miami Gardens (33055) and marketing services needed to enhance a company’s advertising success. With over 600,000 promo items to choose from alongside of custom logo design and imprinting services PromoAE is the one stop shop for all marketing needs.

Shop Online or Visit PromoAE for Promotional Products Miami Gardens

PromoAE is located right of I-95 at 3800 N. 28th Way in Hollywood, Florida. They serve local clients with an attractive showroom display that displays the quality and selection that can be expected. Clients across the nation can also view the awards, corporate gifts, apparel, and promotional products from PromoAE on their easy to use website. Promotional products Miami Gardens (33056) are broken down into subcategories that reduce the time needed to find the right product at the right price. All items have a color image and precise description. Prices are estimations. For quote or product availability, please call (800) 932-9540.

Rush Orders Available on Promotional Products Miami Gardens

Companies that have an important upcoming event can request rush orders on promotional product Miami Gardens (33169) orders. PromoAE understands that when an opportunity to spread awareness of a brand arises the advertiser must be prepared to meet with potential clients, inform them of their products and services, as well a generate good will promo giveaways such as logo imprinted t=-shirts, tote bags, and sports bottles. PromoAE can design, create, and ship custom promo items for on time arrival. Call (800) 932-9540 to learn more about rush orders and shipments today.

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Spread News of an Event or New Product with Promotional Products

Sending out logo imprinted items can help build excitement over an event. Promotional products are perfect to introduce a new product, service, or grand opening event. PromoAE carries a wide selection of promotional products that can be sent to customers as part of a direct mail campaign or passed out at an event such as an open house. Meet and greet new customers with food and beverages on imprinted serving trays as guests tour your business. Handing out an item makes an event more memorable. For example at a wine festival vendors can hand out imprinted wine glasses, coasters, wine totes or other related items that can be used at the visitors home and remind them of the advertising business in the future.

Sales and Brand Building

Promotional products are also great to have on hand at a sales meeting. After the sales representative discusses the product or service he or she can leave their potential clients with a gift. This can be as simple as an imprinted box of peanuts, chocolates, or pretzels or a logo imprinted mug with pens and a notepad. With low priced promotional products, PromoAE has something for any marketing budget. Promotional products can also be used as a sales aid for cold calling. Items can be sent to potential customers after they have listened to the sales offer. This is a great way to get your foot in the door with  potential customers.

Public Relations and Image Building

Sending out customized giveaway items can also be an effective way to generate goodwill with potential customers. More people choose to do business with a company that advertises with promotional products. They are seen as a professional and reliable product or service provider. Promotional products can be a public relations tool that helps you to spread awareness of your brand and begin to build a positive business image. Promotional products have an enormous range of potential. PromoAE has the products and services needed to reach your marketing goals. To speak with a PromoAE marketing consultant, please call (800) 932-9540.

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Draw New Hires with Promotional Products and Marketing Programs

Businesses that seek new recruits can benefit from advertising job fairs and hiring opportunities with promotional products and marketing services from PromoAE. When a business begins to experience a rapid turn over rate they want to hire new employees and maintain new employment. Human resources can send out fliers or branded promo products to generate interest in the company. A job fair can hand out candidate packets that contain facts about the company, benefits, applications, contact information, etc. This is a fast and easy way to get information out to a large audience. This same idea can be used for new employees in terms of a welcome aboard package.

Employee Incentives Program

A satisfied and valued employee will remain loyal to their company. An employee should have sufficient training and feel confident in their position knowledge. They should be provided with motivational and appreciation support throughout their careers. After completing a course an employee should receive a training certificate. He or she should be thanked for their attendance, milestones, and efforts as a key member of the business team. This will fuel the employee to perform with pride and efficiency which then provides the business with better profits.

Referral Rewards Program

A referral rewards program is another effective way to receive new hiring recruits while satisfying current employees. A referral rewards program can be as simple as issuing a gift card, company branded products, or recognition awards to employees that refer a qualified applicant. The program can be kicked off with an incentive such as the first five people to refer a qualified applicant receive a gift certificate for a local restaurant or other desired prize/reward. PromoAE has the products, services, and ideas to aid your business in reaching their marketing goals. Call today for more information by dialing (800) 932-9540.

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Marketing with Customized Apparel can be Fun and Effective

If a person looks through their closet or dresser they are likely to find at least one promotional t-shirt. Logo imprinted t-shirts are the most popular promotional item used today. They provide a large advertising space that spreads a businesses message and brand everywhere the t-shirt is worn. Radio stations, car dealerships, insurance agencies, hospitals, schools, and any other business type can benefit from marketing with promotional apparel. The individual wearing the logo imprinted clothing becomes  a walking billboard and brand ambassador. This is why so many people choose to give out logo imprinted t-shirts to their loyal customers. They will be likely to spread a positive word about the business, products, and services from the advertiser.

Custom Clothing for Special Events

Custom clothing such as logo imprinted t-shirts are also great for special events or programs. Any event that has volunteers or event participants can benefit from logo imprinted apparel. T-shirts for charity sponsorships, fundraiser events, or corporate runs let people know who is participating in the event as a volunteer, sponsor, or other position. The t-shirt then becomes memorabilia after the event. Consider a youth group that participates in building a home or working at a soup kitchen. He or she can wear that t-shirt and remember how good it feels to give back to their community. PromoAE has a large selection of custom t-shirts and additional fund raising and awareness products.

Team Building with Corporate Apparel

Even a small business with less than ten employees can benefit from a uniform. Logo imprinted apparel can be customized to suit the needs of a company uniform. PromoAE has t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, jackets, hats, aprons, lab coats, smocks, and a variety of other apparel that can be embroidered or imprinted to display a company name, employee name, and logo. This informs customers who they can call upon for assistance. Uniforms provide a business with a professional appearance while providing employees with a sense of belonging to a team. PromoAE specializes in custom apparel and uniform programs. To inquire about these or other promotional marketing services from PromoAE, please call (800) 932-9540.

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